Apr 202013

April 20, 2013

Honoring Mr. Nikos Mouyaris for his Donation of $600,000

The trustees and supporters of the Elytis Chair Fund are honoring Mr. Nikos Mouyaris for his generosity, for his loyalty to his Hellenic heritage and to his Alma Mater, and for the inspiration he is providing to all of us.

Mr. Mouyaris, with his act, is investing in the future of Hellenism. On behalf of all those who have been working, over the past thirty years, to build and maintain a vigorous and continuously growing Academic Program that promotes the study of Greek language, culture and history at Rutgers, The State University, we are both thanking and congratulating him.

Our organization, the Elytis Chair Fund, led by its Founding Chairman, Professor Stathis Bourodemos, set in the 1980s the goal of establishing a permanent Chair for Greek Literature at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. But, in 1993, when the two existing Modern Greek language courses (introductory and advanced) were facing elimination for fiscal reasons, without ever forgetting its long-term goal, the Elytis Chair Fund also assumed the responsibility of supporting these courses financially and using them to gradually and systematically build a comprehensive Greek Studies Program within Rutgers University.

The intention was to complement the already excellent Program in Classical Studies at Rutgers, stressing the continuity of Greek language and culture through the centuries, from Hellenistic times to the modern era. As a result, starting from the original two language courses, we now have a vibrant Program that offers every year over twelve different courses in language, literature, art, culture, and history of Greece across a period spanning over 20 centuries, and provides the option for students to complete a Minor in Modern Greek.

It is worth noting that from a total of 12 registrations in 1993, the Modern Greek Studies Program has in fact exceeded 100 registrations per year across all available courses, becoming one of the largest such programs in the country. We have also worked closely with both the academic and the wider community to inform and educate on many issues that are important to Hellenism, hosting lectures and cultural events that are open to the public.

By any measure, the Greek Studies Program at Rutgers has been a great success, and the generosity of Mr. Nikos Mouyaris will make it even better and stronger – you have our unwavering commitment for this.

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