An Anthology of Past Events Sponsored by ECF

April 26, 201540th Anniversary Dinner of the Hellenic Cultural Association (HCA) of Rutgers University, Recognizing all of HCA’s past Executive Boards and Members and Honoring Dr. Stephen Reinert, Director of the Modern Greek Studies Program
April 25, 2015ECF and HCA in collaboration with the Modern Greek Studies Program hosted the great Maria Farantouri in Concert: “Songs of Greece and the World” at the Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers University; Participation: Lina Orfanos; Musical Director: Achilleas Wastor
– Here you can download a copy of the Concert Program (as PDF)
February 19, 2015Robert Ousterhout Lecture: The Forgotten History of the Parthenon
November 18, 2014Evridiki Livada Duca discusses her book “The Straits of Chimera: The Adventures of the 16th Century Greek Navigator Juan De Fuca”
November 4, 2014Othon Athanassakis Lecture: “Grecovery” – A Fallacy or a Reality?
October 23, 2014Pourgouris Lecture: The Nation and Narration – Odysseus Elytis and the vicissitudes of Greekness
October 22, 2014Screening of the film “Kisses to the Children” and discussion with its director, Vassilis Loules
March 6, 2014Susan Heuck Allen discusses her latest book, Classical Spies: American Archaeologists with the OSS in World War II Greece
January 29, 2014Kostopoulou Lecture: After the Greek Fox – Historical Insights from a Modern Crisis
November 30, 2013Greek Soundscapes: A Concert Featuring Folk Music in the Globalized World
April 20, 2013Dinner/Fundraiser of the Hellenic Cultural Association of Rutgers University, Honoring Mr. N. Mouyiaris
April 22, 2012Dinner/Dance of the Hellenic Cultural Association of Rutgers University
December 10, 2011Cavafy: The Poet of the City – A Performance by Yannis Simonides
November 4, 2011Elytis Centennial Concert at Nicholas Music Center
April 30, 2011Dinner/Dance of the Hellenic Cultural Association of Rutgers University
September 21, 2010Sevcenko Lecture: The Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai – from Justinian to Prince Charles
May 8, 2010Dinner/Dance of the Hellenic Cultural Association of Rutgers University
October 29, 2009Georgopoulos Lecture: The Significance of October 28 in World History
May 26 – June 19, 2009Topics in Modern Greek Studies: Greek Cinema (Summer course)
April 24, 2009Dinner/Dance of the Hellenic Cultural Association of Rutgers University
October 16-19, 2008Thirty-Fourth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference hosted by Rutgers the State University of New Jersey
December 15, 20073rd Annual Byzantine Christmas Concert
October 25, 2007Papageorgiou Lecture
October 16, 2007Reading by Ersi Sotiropoulos
April 10-12, 2007Kotidis Lectures
December 2, 20062nd Annual Byzantine Christmas Concert
April 12, 2006Ambassador Evriviades’ Lecture
March 5, 2006Plato’s “The Apology of Socrates” – A One-Man Theatrical Performance by Yannis Simonides
October 5-7, 2005Maltezou Lectures
October 19, 1998Umberto Eco discusses “The Future of Books”
April 17, 1997“Τη Υπερμάχω: The Invisible Champion” – A Byzantine Music Concert at Rutgers Voorhees Chapel
March 27, 1996A lecture by Claire Angelidou, Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, accompanied by a photo exhibition at the Busch Student Center, on “The Looting and Destruction of the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus by the Turkish Occupying Forces”