The Rutgers Modern Greek Studies Program (MGSP)

The Rutgers Modern Greek Studies Program (MGSP) has been steadily  #1 in the nation for number of courses offered and number of students who take these courses.

Thanks to recent donations and the leadership by its current Director, Prof. Stephen Reinert, as well as of her predecessors, Prof. Sarolta A. Takács and Prof. Tia Kolbaba, the MGSP now serves over 100 undergraduates, with roughly 30 of them currently minoring in Modern Greek. Thanks to a generous $800K donation by the late community’s generous donations Nikos Mouyiaris and the community’s steady support over three decades, the Elytis Chair Fund has approached  $2 million, while at the same time has been continuously supporting the activities and the expansion go the MGSP.  Your donation enabled us to add 5 courses to the existing 18 courses and renew 3 other courses. We were also able to offer scholarships for students who studied in Thessaloniki during the summer, thanks to the generosity of the Golfinopoulos, Karantza, Spireas and Vahaviolos families. We are currently working to start a joint program with the University of Cyprus.

In addition to courses, the MGSP offers a wide variety of cultural events that benefit Rutgers and the community in general.

We list below just some of the events that we brought to you (actually, your donations brought to us): 

  • The Apology of Socrates with Yannis Simonides
  • Elytis Centennial Concert with Mikrokosmos
  • Folk Music Concert with N. Michailidis & Orchestra
  • Cavafy: The Poet of the City w/ Yiannis Simonides
  • Lectures by Prof. Pourgouris in NYC & Rutgers
  • Film “Kisses to the Children” (Onassis Foundation)
  • Lecture on World War II archaeologists as spies
  • Lecture on the forgotten history of the Parthenon

A more detailed lit can be found on the Past Events page of this website.


    • 01:489:101,102   First Year Modern Greek
    • 01:489:201, 202  Second Year Modern Greek
    • 01:489:301, 302  Third Year Modern Greek
    • 01:489:340  Modern Greek Writers in Translation
    • 01:489:345  Modern Greek Poetry in Translation
    • 01:489:358  Odysseus in Literature
    • 01:489:370  Greek Film: Love, Eros, & Death
    • 01:489:376  NEW online Contemporary Greek Music
    • 01:489:494  Independent Study
    • 01:489:205  The Byzantine Empire
    • 01:489:207  Byzantine Civilization
    • 01:489:312  Greek Christianity
    • 01:489:314  Evolution of Christian Orthodoxy
    • 01:489:315  Byzantine Art
    • 01:489:381  NEW Cyprus: A Global History
    • 01:489:382  NEW History of Modern Greece
    • 01:489:385  Politics & Culture in Greece & the Balkans
    • 01:489:390  NEW The Balkan Wars & World War I
    • 01:489:404,405  CHAPS Abroad: Athens and Beyond
    • NEW International Service Learning in Thessaloniki


Scholarships supported by your donations!

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the MGSP, please email its Director, Prof. Stephen Reinert ( For information on fundraising activities, please contact Prof. Thomas V. Papathomas at 973-722-2785 ( or Prof. Panos Georgopoulos at 848-445-0159 (

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